A Guru Yoga That Brings The Dharmakaya Onto The Path

Refuge and Bodhicitta
Vajra dhara Lama Embodiment of the 3 Jewels
I take refuge in you and will until I attain enlightenment
Sentient beings victims of confused projection suffering
I generate the mindset for enlightenment
In order to establish you in non-abiding state
Lord vajradhara Jigten Sumgon
Seated on a seat of 10 strengths, 4 fearlessness and 18 unmixed dharmas
Major and minor marks of love, compassion and bodhicitta
Radiate rays of light and
Your non-conceptual enlightened activities reach all migrators equally
Mantra Recitation
Blessing Supplication
You are the buddhas Nagakulapradipa and Dipankara of the past,
Maitreya of the future and Sakyamuni of the present
The reincarnation of Nargajuna, the peerlass Ratna Shri
Lord Jigten Sumgon I supplicate you
Empowerment and Dissolution
Lights rays emanate from the lama’s body, speech and mind and
Dissolve into my 4 places thereby purifying the 4 obscurations
Bestowing the 4 empowerments and
Planting the seeds of the 4 kayas
The Lama then dissolves into myself
My mind is now natural luminosity-emptiness  (Rest in the state of mind as it is)
Through both the innate virtue and virtue accumulated
In the 3 times by all in samasara and nirvana
May I and all sentient beings filling space none left out
Realize the coemergent ultimate reality
And attain the final state of non-abidance or peace

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