Posted by: Orgyen Norla | December 17, 2009

The Mountain of White Light

The Practice of the Yeshe Tsogyel Awareness encourages the
Strong Laughter of the Dakinis as an aspect of one’s existence.  This
means that one’s circumstances become vivid with opportunities for
Practices, and electric with the immanent possibilities of Liberation.
With this practice there is the innate encouragement to be vital and
alive in each moment, to experience a nakedness of perception and the
dynamic continuity of ‘the inescapeability of *what is*’.  The
Completion Phase Practice of Khandro Chenmo Yeshe Tsogyel is to
realize Transference of consciousness at the time of Death to the
Realised Sphere of her own mind, known as ‘o-kar Kang-ri – the Mountain
of White Light.’

Waning Moon and Yeshe Tsogyel Tsog-khorlo Envisionment

From within the Lucid Shining Emptiness of my own Being,
I instantly arise in the Iridescent Form of the Great Enlightened Dakini;
Khandro Chenmo Yeshe Tsogyel.  My Gaze is at once Soft and Penetrating;
Compassionate yet Playfully Wrathful, in token of my ability [to]
infuse all circumstances with vivid opportunities for Realisation.
My Wide Open Eyes Sparkle with the Electricity of Existence
and Non-existence and communicate the immanence of Liberation
for all Yogis and Yoginis.

My mouth is open and my tongue is flickering.
My Strong Laughter overpowers all dualistic conceptions.
My hair is wound up in a Yogini’s bun on top of my head
and ornamented with a golden takdrol topped with a flaming skull.
I am naked in token of utter lack of pretension and complete fearlessness.
I am open to the entire universe and the inescapability of what is.

I wear the six human bone cemetery ornaments
to show that I have accomplished the six Tantric Vehicles;
and, as the sign that I have passed beyond all relative constraints.
I wear the Conch Yogini earrings, and Sit on a Tiger skin
in display of my mastery of all Siddhis.

In my left hand I hold the skull bowl;
symbol of the Transformed emotions, and of Wisdom.
The white bone of the skull is the Male Quality of Spacious Passion.
The red frothing oceans of menstrual blood within the skull bowl
is the Female Quality of Passionate Space.

I cradle the Khatvangha trident in the crook of my left arm.
The three points of the khatvanga
pierce the fabric of attraction, aversion and indifference.
The secret Nature of the Khatvangha is Padhmasambhava
who is my Secret Inner Method nature.
In my right hand I hold the golden Five Pronged Wrathful Vajra,
with which I overpower all apparent phenomena in Bliss-Emptiness.

I sit in the Dzogchen Yogini’s posture: in Display of the natural condition,
in which everything relaxes into its own condition of Primal Purity.
My right foot is extended in token of my ability
to enter swiftly into Activity for the benefit
of Everyone and Everything Everywhere.

Yeshe Tsogyel Awareness




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