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13 Golden Dharma Sakya Tenphel Ling Dec 18 2008 – Jan 01 2010

13 Golden Dharma Sakya Tenphel Ling Dec 18 2008 – Jan 01 2010

Dec 18  Fri 7.30 pm HEVAJRA CAUSE WANG CHEN (2 Days)

Dec 19  Sat 2.00 pm      Hevajra Cause Wang Chen (Preparation) Group A
Dec 19  Sat 7.30 pm      Hevajra Cause Wang Chen (Main) Group A
Hevajra Cause Wang Chen (Preparation) Group B
Dec 20 Sun 2.00 pm      Hevajra Cause Wang Chen (Main) Group B
Dec 21 Mon 8.00 pm     Hevajra Sadhana Explanation


Dec 22 Tue 7.30 pm           Vajrayogini (Naro Kachod) Chin Lab Group A
Dec 23 Wed 7.30 pm          Vajrayogini (Naro Kachod) Chin Lab Group B
Dec 24 Thu 8.00 pm           Vajrayogini Sadhana Explanation

Dec 25 Fri 8.00 pm           2. Indra Kachod Vajrayogini
Dec 26 Sat 2.00 pm          3. Maitri Kachod Vajrayogini
Dec 26 Sat 4.00 pm          4. Kurukulle
Dec 26 Sat 7.00 pm          5. Takkiraja with Hevajra Tshok Offerings
Dec 27 Sun 2.00 pm     *Green Tara Empowerment starts 2.00 pm
6. Maharakta Ganapati (after Green Tara Empowerment)
Dec 27 Sun 4.00 pm          7. Kurukulle Palmo Nyingkyi Serthak Chen
Dec 27 Sun 7.00 pm          8. Red Vasudhara & Sonam Tsemo Anniversary Lam Dre Guru Yoga
Dec 28 Mon 8.00 pm         9. Lhamo Tinuma
Dec 29 Tue 8.00 pm         10. Black Manjushri
Dec 30 Wed 7.00 pm        11. Sabala Garuda & Sakya Pandita Anniversary Lam Dre Guru Yoga in Tibetan
Dec 31 Thu 7.00 pm         12. Simhanada Avalokiteshvara
13. Red Jambala
Jan 1 Fri 2.00 pm             Vajrayogini Fire Puja
Jan 1 Fri 5.00 pm             Tsok cum Thanksgiving

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The Thirteen Golden Dharma is a group of very treasured Teachings of the Sakya whose preciousness could only be expressed in Gold to the Teacher.This teaching was so well guarded since the time of Sachen Kunga Nyingpo, that it was only given and taught within the boundary of the Sakya Monasteries for many centuries.

The Thirteen Golden Dharma consists of a total of sixteen empowerments of which only 13 are given at one time. Owing to its wide variety of deities of empowerment, it encompasses a full range of activities necessary for the practices to attain full enlightenment. These activities include (a) the ability to achieve full enlightenment quickly through the 3 red deities of Marmo Kusum blessing empowerments, (b) the ability to acquire power and domination through the 3 wrathful great red Marpo Kusum deities, (c) acquiring special power and wealth through the three small red ones, (Marchung Kusum) and Red Jambala, (d) various practices to overcome illnesses and naga diseases through Garuda and Singhanada Jehnang, (e) Physical and mental well beings through Black Manjushri and Singhamukha and (f) increasing one’s lifespan through the practice of long life deities like the 9 deities Amitayu and Amaravajradevi.

This is an excellent grouping of specific and supporting practices that are required for the practitioner to traverse the path to full Enlightenment. In the past, many great Indian and Tibetan practitioners relied on the practices of the deities of the Thirteen Golden Dharma to overcome spiritual and natural obstacles encountered in the Path. All the Sakya sub-sects have their special deities in the Golden Dharma but they all have in common in the practice of the specific Red female deity, Vajrayogini.

Her Eminence Jetsun Kusho will be giving the standard Thirteen Golden Dharma Empowerments. In order for all newcomers to qualify, she will first give the 2-day Wang Chen of the Cause Hevajra before giving empowerments of the 13 Golden Dharma. Most of the deities of the Golden Dharma belong to the higher class of Tantra and as such need the Annutarayoga Tantra Wang Chen first before proceeding to Jehnang or Chin lab of individual deity.Therefore please take note to register yourself for the 2 day Cause Hevajra empowerment if you have not taken any Annuttrayoga Tantra Wang Chen before.
Let us look forward for the coming teaching of the Thirteen Golden Dharma by Her Eminence Jetsun Kusho in mid-December which will be translated in English.
Her Eminence Jetsun Kushok Chimey Luding Jetsün Kushok Chimey Luding was born into the Noble Family of Khon in 1938 in Tibet. She was trained in an early age in Buddhism and received specific Teachings and empowerments from many great Masters. Being the elder sister of His Holiness The Sakya Trizin, she also received much of her training alongside her brother. She received Teachings and empowerments from great Teachers like Dampa Rinpoche Zhenphen Nyingpo, Jamyang Khyentze Chokyi Lodro, Khangsar Shabdrung Rinpoche, and Ngawang Lodro Tenzin Nyingpo.

She first meditated at the age of six on Manjhusri, ordained as a nun at eight, completed her first retreat on Vajrapani at ten and received her first Lam Dre teaching at 17 with His Holiness, and then undergone retreats on Hevajra and other deities. By the time she was eighteen, she was able to give the first Lam Dre Teaching to an audience of monks from Kham for three months.
She had to leave Tibet with His Holiness in 1959 at the age of 21, and stayed in India till 1971 when she emigrated to Canada. During this time, Her Eminence had disrobed and married Sey Kusho, the younger brother of Luding Khenchen Rinpoche. In Canada, Her Eminence had to divide her time to take care of the family, work and meditational practices for many years until she retired from her job when her children had grown up. His Holiness had requested Her Eminence to give Dharma teachings on several occasions in the past; and with her retirement, she is able to travel to many Sakya Centres around the world like our centre, giving valuable Teachings and Dharma advices.

Her Eminence has vast experience as a long time lay practitioners steeled in discipline and patience. Being brought up and trained in the traditional Tibetan way in the Khon Family, Her Eminence give strict and genuine Teachings of the Buddha Dharma, specifically the Sakya. Possessing such qualities as a Teacher, Her Eminence is well respected by all Her disciples and is an inspiration for all lay practitioners who need to incorporate their practice into their daily lifestyle. Her Eminence is the few female Teachers of Tibetan Buddhism who has the authority and qualifications to transmit the Sakya teachings. We all look forward to receive Her Eminence’s Teaching on the 13 Golden Dharma in December.



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